Asset Management


Our asset management services are centered on our ability to capture, transform and analyze large volumes of data utilizing our data analytics capabilities.

Utilizing our data analytics algorithms, we are able to produce predictive analytics which is a process of using statistical and data mining techniques to analyze historic and current data sets, create rules and predictive models and predict future events. Data analytics is an integral tool to an asset manager’s ability to identify opportunities for improving operational efficiencies, apply lessons learned, and improve the lifecycle cost of their physical assets.

The scope of services that PACOTECH™ offers includes conducting a comprehensive review of entities’ assets and preventive maintenance business process including the following:

  • Verification of complete asset inventory;
  • Reviewing methods of recording (logs) condition and performance data for the inventory;
  • Review of existing maintenance scheduling system/process;
  • Review of workflow processes and procedures;
  • Review methods of tracking data on work completed, including maintenance actions;
  • Review systems that support monitoring and reporting; and confirm existence of current maintenance manuals and training documentation.

Once this data gathering and analysis phase are completed recommendations are developed and implemented to ensure that key performance indicators (KPIs) and required meta data are being captured and integrated as part of the overall preventive maintenance process. The collection of comprehensive data about your assets will enable you to improve operational efficiencies. With both real-time and historical data, you can analyze KPIs to help you optimize your assets. Our system allows managers to combine multiple search clauses to create custom reports based on asset type, application, location, and timestamp.  KPIs enable you to know whether you’re meeting your targets.

PACOTECH™ is as invested in your success as you are, and we’ll work with you to implement a data analytics solution for your asset management program customized to help your business.