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A/E/C INDUSTRY: An Adversarial Operating Environment–Does This Sound Familiar?

If you’ve spent any time working in the A/E/C industry, you already know it is often characterized as prone to generating disputes and claims. Industry studies have concluded that most construction projects, whether private or public, experience changes that result in cost escalation and schedule delays. 

Serious disputes arise in 10 to 30% of all construction projects and one in four of those becomes a claim. The transactional costs for resolving disputes and claims ranges between $4 and $12 billion annually. According to industry data, the single most common problem in these disputes is the absence of comprehensive project records and documentation. While most architectural and engineering companies have a document control plan and/or system, usually it is inadequate or is not implemented with a structured standardized process or methodology focused on risk mitigation. You PROBABLY already outsource your: Payroll, Legal, Taxes, IT Services, etc. why not your Document/Records management?


For the past 20 years, PACO Technologies (PACOTECH™) has led the construction industry in studying the issue of Contract Change Management resulting in the development of a structured methodology based on the principles of Configuration Management, an ISO 10007 Quality Management Program. Our solution has proven to mitigate the impact that changes have on cost growth, schedule delays, litigation and claims avoidance. Moreover, our Configuration Management methodology and companion software system, ccsNet®, is the only solution ever awarded a “National Lessons Learned Program” certification by the U.S. Federal Transit Administration. Our structured proven methodology and document management system ccsNet®, is unmatched by any other firm in the industry and has been a critical factor for selecting PACOTECH™ on various projects.

A Sampling of our

Project Implementations

Domestic and International:

· City of Phoenix Aviation Department – Sky Harbor Automated People Mover System – Phoenix, AZ
· Denver Regional Transit Agency – Union Station Redevelopment, Denver CO
· Miami-Dade Aviation Department – MIC/MIA Connector, Automated Guideway Transit – Miami, FL.
· Tri-Rail South Florida Regional Transportation Authority – Double Track Corridor Improvement – F
· Government of Trinidad & Tobago – National Highway Program
· Port of Barcelona, Spain – Port Expansion Project, Barcelona, Spain
· Government of Puerto Rico – Tren Urbano Project, San Juan, P.R.
· Colombia Ministry of Transportation – INVIAS Project, Bogota, Colombia, S.A.