Double Track Corridor Improvement Program


PACOTECH™, accomplishments and current tasks include: Recorded 300 change requests, 550 deliverables, 1100 issues, and over 8,000 documents from 1 to 800 pages; Implemented and configured ccsNet to meet project specific organizational structure and requirements; Performed electronic tracking, filing, and management of all project documentation, data, and records, including: technical drawings, specifications, cost documents, schedules, , and records; and Reviewed file codes and storage hierarchy; Customized reports and forms and developed workflow diagrams; Reviewed and updated existing policies and procedures; and Provided Configuration Management services using ccsNet.

Project Overview.

This project involves the expansion of a single railroad line running along I-95 in South Florida, purchased by South Florida Regional Transit Authority (SFRTA) from CSX. To increase headway of this single line, SFRTA initiated a program to lay 75 miles of new railway parallel to the existing track.

Agency / Owner:
Tri-County Commuter Rail Authority (Tri-Rail)
Project Value
$327 Million
Period of Service
1998 – 2007
• Configuration Management
• Contract Change Management
• Cost Estimating
• Scheduling
• Construction Inspection

Contact Info
Marc Hackbarth
800 Douglas Road, Suite 770
Coral Gables, FL 33134
Tel: 305-444-8241

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