Education with PACOTECH™

Education with PACOTECH™


Since 2008 PACOTECH™ has had a formal collaborative agreement with Rutgers University with the goal of expanding the industry’s awareness and adaptation of our Configuration Management Methodology (CMM).

As part of this agreement, our CM methodology has been incorporated into the engineering curriculum at both the graduate and under-grad program.

Due to the program’s overwhelming success, PACOTECH™ in partnership with Rutgers University has decided to expand the offering of this course through the Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation (CAIT) at Rutgers University of New Jersey.

CAIT is one of five National University Transportation Centers, an elite group of academic research institutions, sanctioned and supported by the U.S. Department of Transportation. CAIT’s efforts deal specifically in high-volume multimodal infrastructure environments like the New York/New Jersey metro area. New Jersey plays an important economic role as the most densely populated and heavily traveled corridor state. It is home to the nation’s third-largest port system, its busiest rail line, and has, within just a few miles, four major international airports. Being amidst all of this, CAIT is in a unique position to study and test solutions to critical infrastructure challenges: public safety, national security, mobility, congestion, environmental impacts, economics, infrastructure health monitoring, and asset management.
CAIT doesn’t do it alone; it works with government, industry, professional associations, and academic partners. As a result of these relationships and reputation, planners, engineers, designers, public works and maintenance professionals, elected officials, and citizens look to CAIT for the best solutions to pressing infrastructure demands.

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