FTA National Lessons Learned Program


FTA National Lessons Learned Program

Our ccsNet system is the only configuration management system recognized and certified by the Federal Transportation Administration (FTA) for their National Lessons Learned Program.
The FTA certified ccsNet with this distinction during the system’s use on the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Agency’s (LACMTA) $5.3 billion Red Line rail project.

FTA PMO Lessons Learned #4: Computerized Change Control System

“Changes are and will continue to be a necessary part of the construction process. . . Use of ccsNet contributes to timely processing and quality of change documentation as well as providing management with control data and activity trend information. ccsNet supports appropriate delegation of authority without sacrificing management visibility and oversight of activity. The system has universal application in the control of both design and construction changes and can be readily customized to meet the requirements of individual agencies.”

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