Grant Management


Our grant management services are intended to assist public
entities manage their FEMA, FTA and FAA grant application
process up to and including the project’s execution phase.

PACOTECH™’s management and oversight of grants can be more
effective and efficient at a number of points over the grant life-cycle.

This is the result of a number of conditions: decentralized responsibilities and unclear authorities, a lack of policy and process standardization across program offices, the existence of a multitude of grant-related IT systems for identical or similar tasks, the lack of a centralized performance reporting system, and minimal, centralized oversight of program operations.

PACOTECH™ applies a Business Process Management (BPM) approach to the grant management lifecycle, from Application to Funding Acquisition to Closeout. Our services consist of developing a comprehensive action plan, workflows detailing tasks, due dates, roles and responsibility. Once approved, the workflows are entered into our software system (or the client’s system) in order to maintained, track and monitor their progress, ensure compliance, and if necessary to implement corrective action.

When the grant application is approved PACOTECH™ applies its Configuration Management Methodology to ensure that the project’s scope and budget are adhered to. Working with the agencies Project Manager, we assist in establishing the contract’s deliverables, scope, budget and quality performance standards. Once the contract is awarded we assist in tracking and monitoring the contractor’s project performance to ensure that the it is proceeding on budget and schedule and that all submittals, records and documents are being captured. In the event of a scope change, we will proactively work with the Agency to report the justification for the change and submit it on a timely basis for their review and approval. If approved, the project’s baselines are updated to reflect the scope modification. At the conclusion of the project, a complete and comprehensive set of records and documentation, containing a complete chronology and history of the project are turned over to the client.