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Port of Barcelona

PACOTECH™ is responsible for implementing ccsNet and providing workflow and document management services. Project accomplishments include: Data transfer from ccsNet to Lotus Domino; Analysis of their business processes and defining their document workflows; Training of both the owner and consultants in the use of the system; Maintaining ccsNet on-site and remotely.
Project Overview. The Barcelona Port Authority’s (BPA) Port Expansion Program is a subset of their plan to enlarge the Port of Barcelona through port enlargement; building a new breakwater; and lengthening an existing breakwater. When complete, this program will double the Port’s size, enabling the BPA to achieve the ambitions goal of becoming the leading port in the Mediterranean and southern Europe. Our DMS solution, ccsNet, was first utilized in a pilot program during the South Breakwater 1 and 2 project valued at 194 million Euros. Based on the results of the pilot program, BPA expanded the ccsNet implementation to include 19 additional projects valued at over 204 million Euros. PACOTECH™ is a member of the “Consortium”, a group of consultants providing project management and quality control services to the Expansion Program over a four year period.

Agency / Owner:
Port of Barcelona, Spain

Project Value:
$204.3 Million Euros

Period of Service:
2007 – 2010

Configuration Management
Document Control
Systems Integration

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