Punta Pacifica Ocean Reef Islands


Ocean Reef Islands, Punta Pacifica

PACOTECH™ was responsible for implementing ccsNet and providing workflow and document management services on the first man-made residential islands built in Latin America.

Group Los Pueblos has undertaken the creation of two residential islands located approximately 150 meters off the coast of Panama City, Panama. These two islands are one of most exclusive projects in the Americas. At the heart of the program is the creation of the two Islands over 19 hectares and two bridges connecting and providing access the islands.

Tasks performed by PACOTECH™ employees include analysis of the project’s business processes and defining their document workflows; training of both the Owner and consultants in the use of the system; and maintaining ccsNet on-site and remotely.

Impresas ICA (Ingenieros Civiles Asociados)
Punta Pacifica, Panama

Grupos Los Pueblos

Project Value:
$300 Million

Contract Value:

Project Period:
2008 – 2012

Grupos Los Pueblos Ocean Reef Islands
Tel: 507-207-8888 | 507-207-8808
E-mail: info@oceanreefislands.com

Services Provided:
Configuration Management

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