University Collaboration


PACO Technologies (PACOTECH™) is proud to have a collaborative relationship with Rutgers University, Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation (CAIT), in New Jersey.

Rutgers and PACO are jointly advancing the introduction of Configuration Management to the transportation industry through funded research, case studies, and academic publications and conferences. Additionally, our Configuration Management methodology and software system, ccsNet, have been adopted as standard tools used in coursework in the graduate and undergraduate engineering curriculum at Rutgers University.


Professor Trefor Williams, Senior Researcher Information Management Group at Rutgers University, CAIT is leading the Configuration Management research effort on the Rutgers campus.  In furtherance of the research efforts between PACO and Rutgers University, PACOTECH™ CEO and President Frank Otero was named a Rutgers University CAIT Fellow.

Frank Otero conducted a Configuration Management graduate seminar at Rutgers University to educate students on the benefits of Configuration Management in the construction industry.

This cutting edge research was partially subsidized ($53,000) through a Federal Transportation Administration (FTA) / Transportation Coordination Council (TCC) Research Program grant for Rutgers University for “Improved Control of Transit Capital Improvements. The Rutgers University undergraduate and graduate programs recently added Configuration Management discipline as a topic in select courses.  Professor Trefor Williams also added a Configuration Management Chapter in his latest book, “Construction Management: Emerging Trends and Technology” (2009).