White Paper – Using Configuration Management


White Paper – Using Configuration Management

Using Configuration Management to Mitigate the Impact of Design and Construction Contract Changes.

Frank Otero PACOTECHâ„¢

Abstract Changes are and will continue to be an inevitable part of the design and construction of any project. Even the best design plans and most detailed contract specifications are no guarantee a particular project will not experience numerous changes. This is particularly true when the scope involves a large-scale, multi-contract, multi-phased complex project. Most projects, whether public or private, domestic or international, experience schedule slippage and cost overruns.

The application of a formalized Configuration Management methodology during the planning, design, construction, maintenance, and operations phases of complex projects can mitigate schedule slippage and cost overruns. The decision to apply Configuration Management to a construction project can make the difference between a successful project verses a failure; turning a profit verses taking a loss; and a satisfied client verses a disgruntled one.

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